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Perseverance is the Commonality Amongst Single Moms


Jessica is a mom of two beautiful children who has endured and persevered through much. Her ex-husband abandoned her and their children when her youngest child was only 2 months old. Sadly at that time, Jessica and the children experienced being homeless for almost three years. When HFM was introduced to Jessica, we met a hardworking and determined mom who was in the process of rebuilding her life. We didn’t fully know the testimony of perseverance that she had lived prior to becoming a part of HFM. However, we were getting ready to hear a testimony of being stripped of everything that was normal and having to rebuild everything while trusting in God to be faithful.

What we saw in Jessica was a humble spirit with a heart full of love for her children and goals for her future. We saw a woman that has experienced hurt. At the beggining of the semester, we can remember a conversation where we asked for any prayer needs and Jessica began to tell us about her truck. Jessica shared how her truck had been so faithful to her and her children. It served not only their transportation needs; but at points in her life it served as shelter! Unfortunately, the truck was on its last leg and she was saving so she could purchase another vehicle. We prayed and asked God to grant her favor. To our surprise, God touched the hearts of people to bless others and that is where this story takes a magnificent God-inspired turn!

Months after praying for her truck we received a call from Jessica on a Sunday afternoon informing us that her truck would not start. The very next day, we received a call stating there were a couple of donors who wanted to bless two single mothers with reliable cars. God’s timing and how He touches the hearts of people is always perfect timing. The generosity of donors gave Jessica a more dependable car and allowed for her to re-ignite her emergency fund with tax refund money that would have gone towards purchasing another vehicle. God heard Jessica’s cry in prayer and He blessed her perseverance and diligence.

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