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  • If the mom gave birth as a teenager​

  • If the parents were unmarried when child was born

  • If the mom did not receive high school diploma or GED


For every problem there is a solution, and our solution is Christ-centered!    Single moms are overwhelmed and often feel defeated as they struggle to provide for their children.  Without intervention, single moms will fall prey to the welfare system or get stuck on the Working Poverty Cycle. 


Our goal is to provide the resources necessary to equip and empower the moms so they too can live an abundant life filled with hope. 


In 2015, the number of young moms births in Palm Beach County was 2,547. In the same year, for the state of Florida it was 48,426

According to 2019 U.S. Census Bureau, out of 11 million single parent families with children under the age of 18, 80 percent were headed by single moms

Families headed by single moms are among the poorest households, more than a third lived in poverty, and as such, are extremely vulnerable to homelessness.

Florida Dept. of Health

62% of single moms will drop out of school before completing their education, and less than 2% complete college by age 30

80% of dads walk away from any responsibility or pay less than $66 per month

Among children living with mom only, 40% lived in poverty

Single moms often spend over half of their income on housing expenses and a third on child care, leaving them with less money for educational expenses.

The median income for families led by an single moms in 2018 was about $45,128, well below the $93,654 median for married couples

Welfare becomes a never ending cycle that will be passed on from generation to generation


Without intervention from Hearts for Moms (HFM), the single moms feel hopeless, overwhelmed, unequipped and lost

The Giving Hope and Changing Lives program serves moms that apply under forty years old

Skill-Development Classes include skills to better parent, monthly budgeting, attain job skills, set achievable goals, educational guidance and many more

HFM assings Christian mentors and life coaches to encourage and guide moms throughout their journey

We empower single moms by teaching them parenting, financial and health and wellness skills to equip and empower them, become self-sufficient to provide for their children  and break the working poverty cycle

HFM supplements the cost of housing, childcare, education, transportation and other basic needs to empower mothers to complete their education and/or work full-time

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