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Full  Circle  Strategy


Our full circle strategy was developed as Hearts for Moms biggest desire is to see single moms reach their full God-given potential.


Every stage increases their capacity of personal and spiritual growth.  This progression leads to total empowerment as one of our goals is for the moms to become influential leaders in our community with no limits.

Currently we are developing our  360 Leader Moms program.  More to come soon!


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It truly takes the involvement of the community to impact the lives of the moms and children we are so privileged to serve every day!  Many leaders in our area volunteer to serve the moms or their children depending on their area of expertise or calling.


As you can see, many come along-side of each of the moms while in the HFM program.  The success and personal growth for each of the moms is contingent on the resources we provide and how we can intentionally equip and empower the moms depending on their needs and that of their child/ren.


The team is not limited to leaders such as tutors for both mom or child, speech therapists, learning specialists and more.

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