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After seven years with the Hearts for Moms program, Lovely has realized her greatest dream. Despite numerous challenges and sacrifices, she has graduated with a bachelor's degree and is now a Registered Nurse! Like Lovely, many moms in the program express their gratitude by saying, "Thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself." This is the power of community support, made possible by our dedicated volunteers and generous donors.


To everyone who has supported the single moms we serve, we extend our heartfelt THANK YOU for believing in our mission and vision. You are the true heroes, making the restoration of lives, the fulfillment of callings, and the strengthening of communities possible. Together, we can give hope and change lives!

But the job is far from being done.  With a daunting waitlist of over 450 families applying to enter the program and currently serving 32 families, we invite you to partner with us and become a $50+ monthly giver!  Single moms and their children need your financial support now more than ever. 

Believe in me 




Welcome to the Believe in Me campaign, an inspiring initiative by Hearts for Moms dedicated to empowering single moms and transforming futures. At Hearts for Moms, we believe in the strength, resilience, and potential of single mothers. When we believe in them, dreams come true, generational cycles are broken, and lives are restored.

Why Believe in Single Moms?

Single mothers face unique challenges, often shouldering the responsibilities of both parenting and providing for their families. By believing in them, we provide the support they need to overcome these challenges and build brighter futures for themselves and their children. Our belief in their abilities helps:

Break Generational Cycles- Empowering single moms to achieve financial stability and self-sufficiency disrupts the cycle of poverty and creates opportunities for the next generation.

Provide Brighter Futures- When single moms thrive, their children benefit from improved educational, emotional, and social outcomes, leading to a better and brighter future.

Restore Lives- Comprehensive support services help single moms rebuild their lives, fostering a sense of hope and possibility.

Campaign Goals

Our goal is to subscribe 500 donors at $50 or more to help generate $300,000!

$50 x 1 donor = Provides food, gas, child's shoes or any basic needs for one family and helps the moms stretch their dollar

$50 x 2 donors or $100 = Provides one counseling session for a mom or child and healing begins

$50 x 4 donors or $200 = Provides childcare for one child per week and mom is able to work

$50 x 10 donors or $500 = Provides housing subsidy per month for one family and prevents homelessness!

$50 x 20 donors or $1000 = Supports one family for one year

Donate Today:

Your financial support can transform lives. Donate today to help single moms achieve their dreams and provide better futures for their children.


Get involved and make a difference. Volunteer your time and expertise to support single moms in your community.


Spread the word about the Believe in Me campaign. Share our posts, attend events, and encourage others to join the cause.


Together, We Make Dreams Come True

Believing in single moms is not just an act of kindness; it's a powerful catalyst for change. When we come together to support the incredible women at Hearts for Moms, we create a ripple effect that benefits entire communities. Join us this July for the Believe in Me campaign and be a part of transforming lives and creating a brighter future for all.

Thank you for believing in single moms and their children and making a lasting impact!




If you prefer to mail your generous gift, please make check payable to Hearts for Moms.

Address:  801 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 70, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

If you would like more information about Hearts for Moms Major Gifts or Business Partners please feel free to contact us at any time.

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