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Beyond the Dream!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

A Core Value here at Hearts for Moms is "We Exceed Expectations" . More on that in a minute, let’s start by rattling off some crazy statistics:

1) The median income of a young mom is less than $23,000

2) 80% will spend at least part of their life dependent on welfare

3) 62% of young moms will drop out of school before completing their education, and less than 2% complete college by age 30

Just a few of many crazy statistics.

Without Intervention the young moms feel hopeless, overwhelmed, unequipped and lost. Without the Skills Development Classes that cover a variety of topics from better parenting, monthly budgeting, attaining job skills, setting achievable goals, and educational guidance, many of these young moms wouldn’t see hope for the future or understand that there are so many opportunities just waiting for them.

A while back, we encouraged Lovely, a young mom, to follow a goal of pursuing an education. As much as she wanted to, she lacked the confidence in herself to get started. With encouragement from Hearts for Moms staff & volunteers plus guidance from her mentor and financial counselor, she put her toe in the water and decided to take one class. Now she has almost completed her associates (on her way to bachelors) and received a letter from the President of Palm Beach State College:

“Congratulations on your recent academic achievement. The Office of the Registrar has informed me that your grade point average is among the highest at Palm Beach State College!

It is my pleasure to place your name on the President’s Academic Honors List…”

Wow. When we give encouragement, set expectations and provide resources we see amazing results! Join us in congratulating Lovely!

We want to encourage you to join us in making a difference in a single mom’s life.

Giving Hope. Changing Lives.

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