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Giving Hope. Changing Lives.

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Bold, powerful statement. Bold, powerful vision. Bold, powerful people. Some days, honestly, MOST days, it's incredible to see the impact and influence being created and felt by Hearts for Moms.

Touching lives by providing resources to enrich single moms. Either sounds too simple or too complicated. Truth? It's neither simple nor complicated. The foundation to bring focus on small steps and to make each day a little better than the day before and repeat this tomorrow encompasses the heart of the mission. Each small accomplishment leads to even greater accomplishments until goals are being smashed, cycles are being broken, and lives are being changed. But without the small accomplishment, without the starting points, the journey to complete the BIG goals cannot succeed. Small successes lead to big successes. Baby goals are the stepping stone accomplishments needed to reach the bigger goals. Each successful baby goal builds the confidence needed to create and strive to achieve bigger goals. When we sit down together to map out dreams & goals, the staff and volunteers have to grab hold of these visions first so they can instill the vision and hope into a young mom who may have lost hope or given up on dreams. We help the moms see the potential, to "borrow our eyes" and feel the confidence we have in each and every mom and then what? We get busy!

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