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Meet Emily!


While pregnant, Emily did an extensive Google search on programs that could assist her in any way and she found Hearts for Moms. She remembers feeling like discovering HFM was an answer to prayer as it gave her confidence to continue her pregnancy, raise her daughter and continue pursuing her education. Emily and her newly born daughter, became participants in April 2019. When Emily entered HFM she was at a pretty dark place in life. She felt hopeless as she had no idea how she was going to raise a baby and continue to thrive as a college student majoring in Biology/ Neuroscience at FAU. We are so proud of her, as she has been able to maintain her 4.0 GPA and her goal is to get her master’s degree to become a Physician Assistant. In HFM, Emily feels like she has found an extended family with her mentor and the other moms/mentors. Her daughter is loved on weekly, whether it be passing her around the room for baby cuddles, or sending Emily home with an armful of diapers and wipes.

I have found a community that supports my decision to raise my daughter. Hearts for Moms helps me meet my financial goals, enabling me to pay my expenses, support my daughter, and pursue my education.
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