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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Reflecting on goals, success & accomplishment

As we prepare our staff, volunteers and single moms for our upcoming Skills Development year, unlike many places that are focused on what’s different, we are focused on what’s the same. The challenges may appear unique to this time but are very similar to challenges of the past years of ministry. We are looking at solutions through a different lens for this moment. After all, there is nothing new under the sun.

At Hearts for Moms we believe community increases achievement. Achievement becomes contagious. A Mom’s goal for this year may be uniquely her own, but having a support system rally around her in addition to being a part of other moms’ journeys in overcoming obstacles and accomplishing their goals creates inspiration, motivation & momentum.

Sharing goals at the beginning of the year makes us vulnerable and accountable but it gives us hope and encouragement as well.

Moms have slayed debt, connected with their kids, started and/or finished school, saved down payments to buy a house and so much more. This Hearts for Moms community has been there and will continue to be there to love them, encourage them, guide them and pray with them. Thank you to all who are a part of Hearts for Moms. What we do together makes a difference now and for generations to come!

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